Monday, April 30, 2012

Fancy photoshoot

I recently saw an idea on Pinterest to have your daughter dress up in your wedding gown, and give her that photo on her wedding day. Wonderful idea! However, my wedding dress is still wrapped up from when it was cleaned and pressed after the wedding, and I haven't had the guts to take it out and risk messing it up yet. So instead, I had the idea to let Natalie dress up in my sister's maid of honor dress from my wedding (which I had shortened a couple of years ago to wear to another event) and take some photos. I am SO happy with how they came out!
I did edit some of these fairly heavily (I think it's obvious which ones), but others only did some brightening and cropping.

I love this one below! I think the photo looks like it was taken in a studio, and I love how beautiful Natalie looks.

 I think this one below is my favorite. I love the effect that highlights her beautiful, beautiful eyes.
 Evan then had the idea to get Henry in on the action. So, he brought out one of his sport coats and put it on Henry. So super cute!
 I like the kind of old-fashioned, antique look on this one. They both look so serious...but not in a bad way!

 Sister and brother! So grown up.