Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April flowers

I'm pretty obsessed with flowers (both outside and in vases), and I'm lucky enough to live in a town as beautiful as Leesburg, which this time of year gives me many opportunities to take photographs of flowers. These few are from one week ago, and were taken just walking around my neighborhood.
This first one is one of my favorite photos of this year.

 Just in the past week pink cherry blossoms have really started blooming in Leesburg
 I love the mix of colors in this next shot - the pink backed by the setting sunlight bringing out that lovely shade of green.
I also have photos of white cherry blossoms that will be posted here shortly.

Lastly, I saw these beautiful multi-colored tulips growing in one of the traffic circles on Catoctin Circle. The planted areas in the middle of the circles are tended to by neighborhood volunteers; this time of year they look stunning. I think the setting sun on this photo is particularly lovely.