Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jazz & CO Fall Performance | Dance Photographer

I've blogged recently about the dance recitals I photographed last year. Because of that work, I was asked to photograph ALL of the Loudoun School of Ballet performances this year - so exciting! In addition to the recitals, this also includes a couple of smaller performances; the first of these for 2015-2016 was the Jazz & Co Fall Performance at the Franklin Park Arts Center. This was a very different type of performance than the recitals - all contemporary style, and only the Jazz & Co performance groups, so really the best of the best at the school.

This was a very different venue - I had previously only photographed the dancers on the larger high school auditorium stage. The Franklin Park Arts Center is a fantastic venue, but for photography it's a bit different. I was shooting from above, the stage is smaller, and the lights are not constant throughout the entire performance (they change depending upon the dance). So, a bit of a challenge for me! I did think ahead and bring two cameras with me, which turned out to be a good thing, when my main camera had some technical difficulties about half way through dress rehearsal. Because of that, some of the dances were not captured as I wanted, and some photos were nowhere near my usual quality. I'm taking this as a lesson learned, and I did much better at the next show (photos of that soon).

First up: the solos!
 Cell Block Tango

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Miss Lauren - dance portraits | Dance Photographer

A couple of months ago I was commissioned to take some dance portraits of one of the Interns at the LSoB. Miss Lauren, as our kids call her, has helped out in classes for both of my kids, and is such a beautiful and talented young lady. I was very excited when she reached out to me to take some posed dance portraits for auditions she had coming up. Lauren and her mother came to my home to pose in my studio, and we ran through the poses she needed. This first one couldn't be use for her audition photos, but I really liked it, enough to show it here!