Thursday, July 30, 2015

Georgetown, Washington DC | Photography Lesson

As anyone with a craft/passion should do, it's important to periodically take classes to improve one's skills in that area. I really enjoy taking photography lessons, whether it be informally with fellow photographers, sharing tips, or in a class that I have paid for. While a lot of my lessons recently have focused on photographing people, which is really what I've focused on, I have taken other lessons in other areas. A while back, I took a class in Washington, DC where we walked through Georgetown at dusk. The class focused primarily on how to adjust things like white balance in camera, not in post editing, to get different "emotions" in the photos, as well as some tricks for evening/low light photography. It was definitely fun to work on adjusting the mood of the photo while shooting, instead of during editing as I usually do! For all of the comparison shots below, I did not do any editing in post; it was all done on camera.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Victoria, BC | Travel Photographer

At the beginning of June I had the opportunity to go to Victoria, British Columbia for a conference for work. It's an absolutely beautiful town, and I had a wonderful time walking around photographing the beautiful buildings (these are my hotel and the capital building).

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Little Miss E: 9 month portraits

It's very important that I get this little cutie's 9 month photos up here, as I just shot her 1 year photos last weekend! I've previously shot Miss E for her newborn photos, as well as at 6 months (we skipped 3 months because that's a very difficult age to get good photos of a baby). At the very beginning of May we scheduled (a bit after 9 months, to be true, but sometimes that's how schedules work), and I was very excited to have this shoot be a bit different than the previous two. First, we shot outside (the other two were indoor portraits), and second we shot at a brand new location that I had never used before, hidden away in Leesburg! I absolutely love this location, and can't wait to do another photo session here.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Welcome to the world, Baby R! | Newborn Photographer

I'm so happy when I have a friend who has a baby, and even happier when I get asked to take some photos of the new baby and parents. Again I was able to visit one of my very good friends in the hospital when she gave birth in May, and she and I were fortunate to get a couple of hours in the hospital room just the two of us (and the new baby of course!). We don't get that often, so it was a really nice time, capped off with some photos of the little one and her mom. I've never really taken photos in the light that we had (a single light from above and behind the hospital bed), and it was definitely a bit of a challenge, but I loved capturing mom and baby in the first day of baby's life.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Cherry Blossoms 2015 Part 2 | Nature Photographer

In my last post, I showed photos I took of the Tidal Basin during peak bloom of the Japanese cherry blossom trees in Washington DC. In addition to those, I took a number of close-up photos of the blossoms themselves, and had some fun with editing them to bring out the beauty in the flowers, and the light around them. I hope you find these as beautiful as I do!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cherry Blossoms 2015 Part 1| Nature Photographer

I absolutely love photographing the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. This year, peak dates were delayed due to the cold weather, so I was able to get there during that time (first weekend in April) to take some sunrise photos. I went again with my good friend Kathy; she and I had gone two years ago and photographed the trees at sunset, so we thought we'd mix it up this year and hit sunrise instead. This meant bundling up against the cold, finding a parking spot not too far from the Tidal Basin (which was easier than we thought it would be), and finding just the right spot to get started.