Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spaniel love

My parents have a cocker spaniel named Rizzo who is exceptionally photogenic. Her coat color, her face, her expressions - she makes taking her photo very easy! I love when I have the opportunity to photograph her. This photo was not edited at all - she doesn't really need it!

 I took this shot of her running at my parents' house, and made a few edits to it (as you can see). Since she was running, the shot came out a bit blurry (I don't believe I was using the correct setting on my camera; I have since corrected that mistake in similar situations!). By editing it a bit, I managed to remove most of the blur and make a pretty great photo! I actually like the little bit of blurring that remains - it makes the action shot that much more powerful.
 This last photo was taken of her just a couple of weeks ago when my parents visited. Again, this photo was unedited, except for some minor cropping. She just catches the light so beautifully!

Our spaniel, Calla, is a bit harder to photograph due to her color. The black fur makes a more difficult subject for sure! I included a photo of her in my first post on this blog - in that photo I used the flash, but it's not the best way to capture her. I've been playing with other settings on the camera; just today I was taking photos of the kids and managed to get this one of Calla. With some minor editing (brightening mostly) I think I was able to capture the beauty in her as well.