Thursday, April 19, 2012


On my excursion two weeks ago around northern Leesburg, I came across the landscaped entrances to Potomac Crossing and Exeter (where I live). While I love taking photos of wild flowers, there's beauty in those that have been planted as well.
I love pansies, as they can grow just about anywhere (except my front yard, as I don't get enough sun there), and they come in so many beautiful colors. By Potomac Crossing there was a whole section of purple/blue and yellow pansies.

 I love the shading in this one. The yellow and purple together is such a lovely combination.

This is a shot of the gazebo at the entrance. I love the rising sunlight on the gazebo, and the puple and yellow below.

Across the street is the entrance to Exeter. I had noticed from my vehicle that there were flowers planted under the sign, so since I was on foot I thought this would be a great time to snap some close-up photos.

 The photo above is probably my favorite of all. I can't get over the color combinations and textures.
Is there anything as lovely as this riot of colors? I'm pleased to see that my HOA does it up in style!