Thursday, May 3, 2012

Anniversary surprise

So, I discovered something tonight: taking quality photographs of jewelry is VERY difficult! Today is our 9 year anniversary, and after going out to lunch, my husband surprised me with something: a new ring!
On our wedding day, he had one of my bridesmaids present me with an opal necklace to wear (opals are my birthstone), and later a pair of matching opal earrings (they weren't ready by our wedding day). Apparently he had always planned to also add in an opal ring, and this year was able to do so. It's absolutely beautiful!
 Look at that fire within! This is what I love about a beautiful opal.

One of my favorite things about the ring is actually not the stone, but the setting. I love the design on either side of the stone! I think this shot captures the metal quite well...and I like how even in black and white the stone still glows.
 Here's the ring on my finger. I know it looks a bit yellow in this light, but it is really white gold.

Since I was taking photos, and it is our anniversary, I wanted to take photos of my engagement and wedding rings. I took a lot of photos, but these are my favorite shots.

Happy anniversary love!