About me

My name is Abbe; I'm a full time working mom in Northern Virginia. In between my wonderful husband, two children, and my full time job (for which I travel), there's not much free time left, but what there is I devote to growing as a photographer. I also love to cross stitch (particularly large-scale projects), read (fantasy, erotica, mysteries, and modern literature in particular), and generally be crafty. I'm a music buff, and have a song running through my head nearly constantly. I love being around others, but also relish my alone time (the precious little of it that exists!).

I've been on this photography journey since 2012, and I'm loving every minute of it. What started as a simple desire to take better photos of my children has morphed into a whole new skill set that I never expected to possess. Here on the blog you'll see a mix of:
- personal photography: the various things that I find interesting or beautiful to photograph.
- my favorite photos from the client shoots that I do.
- dance photography, a recent venture for me, but one that I am absolutely loving. I am the preferred photographer for the Loudoun School of Ballet, and many of the photos I take for them are shown here on the blog, including private dance portrait sessions that I love!

By clicking through the blog archive you'll see these topics and more.

If you're interested in hiring me for a shoot, please fill out the form under the "contact" tab and I will respond within one business day. I can't wait to work with you!