Monday, April 16, 2012


About 15 minutes south of Leesburg there is a "pick your own tulips" place. I drove past it on Easter Sunday and at $1/tulip thought it sounded like fun!
I could have gone crazy with picking them (you can see how many there are and the riot of colors), but I limited myself to half a dozen.
Mine are in the basket below. At the time, I thought I was picking 6 different colors, but upon getting them home I picked two essentially same striated pinks, and two very similar yellows, along  with a red and a purple.
When picked, the tulips still have their bulbs. The owner told me I could try to plant them in the ground, but she wasn't going to guarantee they would come back next year. I decided to keep them for internal use and clipped off the bulbs instead. The beautiful colors turned out to be a perfect photography subject!

The previous photos are all mine - the only editing was a bit of cropping on a couple of them. However, I also wanted to play around with color enhancement, and I'm pretty happy with how these turned out - the colors are even more beautiful!
This may be my favorite photo. The subtle color adjustment on the bloom really makes it stand out. In fact, the purple was my favorite tulip of all 6, and is the only one I have left 8 days later.