Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paxton Barn

Across the street from us is the Paxton Campus, which hosts the Arc of Loudoun. This campus was donated to the town of Leesburg by the Paxton family to primarily serve those with disabilities, whether they be intellectual or physical. There's a very nice preschool located in one of the buildings on the campus - we were about to enroll Natalie there when we got the spot at our top choice (Ida Lee); I'm very happy with our decision to enroll her at Ida Lee but I know she would've done great there as well!

On the campus is an old, run down barn. On my excursion around town two weeks ago, I thought the barn might make a nice photography subject.

I then continued past the barn to the main part of the campus, and walked past the Paxton Mansion
 The building is beautiful, and every Halloween is setup as a haunted house. It must be quite scary, as we can hear people screaming from our house! I wouldn't know - I avoid things like that like the plague.

Continuing around the campus, I came across this small re-built building with willow tree. Doesn't it look like something out of a fairytale?!...excluding the paved path in front, that is.