Thursday, January 10, 2013

Richmond capital building

Last month my husband and I spent some time in the Capital building in Richmond, VA. The building is beautiful, and while I was waiting for our event to begin I took a few shots of the decorations inside of the state legislature room.
This first one is part of the decorative ceiling in the room.

This book was taken out of the Virginia State Library for the event. It is a journal from someone who chronicled over 40 years of Electoral College votes. Very cool!
This was even better: the original document signed by the original Electoral College voters, which officially elected George Washington as our first president! Note that the votes were split between a number of people; he certainly did not get them all.
 Speaking of George Washington - here's a beautiful statue of him in the Capital Building
 And last but not least, T.J.! This statue was in the new visitor center/entrance to the building