Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Expanding my photography

I'm sure many of you are aware of the changes I've been making lately regarding my photography.
1. If you've seen this blog more than once or twice, you'll note the change in layout. I think it's cleaner and simpler now, particularly with the "short" intro to each post, so you can more easily see all recent posts without having to do a lot of scrolling.
2. I've rolled out a Facebook page for my photography; there's a link to it where you can "like" it on the upper right hand of this blog. Within the first 5 days, I've gotten almost 60 likes...and not all of them are from my Facebook friends! That means my "reach" (as FB calls it) is spreading, which is really exciting.
3. I photographed my first wedding (favorite pics will be going on here and the FB site soon, I promise!), and have generated some buzz from that. I'm really happy with how the photos turned out, and more importantly so are the bride and groom!
4. Since then, I've done head shots for one friend, and will soon be doing them for a second. I also photographed the 6 week old daughter of two friends of mine, and came up with a really great idea for Valentine's Day photos for kids. All of those photos will be on here shortly too, I promise!
5. Just today, I booked my first two paying jobs! I'm so excited to do these family shoots.

I cannot thank you all enough for supporting me as I start making this photography thing into more than just a hobby. I'm constantly working to get better at this (I've got two separate sets of lessons coming up, one private and one group, and I can't wait!), and I'm really enjoying the process. I hope you're enjoying watching as much as I enjoy doing!