Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reindeer in Richmond

A week before Christmas, my husband and I spent the night in Richmond so that he could cast his Electoral College vote. While having dinner downtown, we stumbled upon a town light display and I wanted to grab a few pics. Lit deer everywhere!

This also gave me the chance to play with "bokeh", which is the effect you see in the background - the "out of focus" lights that form small circles. There are beautiful effects that can be made with bokeh...I like how the lights in the far background (on the tree) form nearly perfect circles.In contrast, in the photo above, the lights in the background are just slightly blurred - the bokeh effect isn't as good, due to the focal length I was using in the photo. Very happy with the effect below!
This last photo is the opposite side of the light display from the first two photos - beautiful deer on a hill!