Friday, July 11, 2014

Wall Street, NYC

About a month ago I spent about 24 hours in NYC for work. I was with a coworker who hadn't really spent a lot of time in NYC before, so we wandered about quite a bit of the city after arrival. I wanted to head down to the financial district to see my old building on Wall Street, and ended up with these few images of these lovely high rises. 

First one: Deutsche Bank headquarters, across from the building I lived in. Love that reflection in the glass windows!

Standing in front of my old building, looking up towards the stock exchange, you can see Trinity Church framed perfectly at the end of Wall Street.
And here's a larger pull-back shot.
Finally, and probably my least favorite, is the shot I took of my old building. It's very difficult to capture, due to the narrow street and height of the buildings. But the one I lived in for two years is the tall one on the right, behind the short one with columns. I do love this neighborhood!