Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lego Castle

A couple of months ago I received an interesting request from my boss: a photo shoot not for a person but for a still-life session. What was the subject? A 4-foot tall Lego castle!

My boss is very into Legos, and has put together some very complicated kits. A number of them sit in our office on shelves (mostly vehicles: trucks, cranes, etc), but when he does a much larger one we have a couple of tables he puts them on in our lobby space. We all arrived one day to find the above castle in our lobby; his 14 year old daughter had designed this from scratch and won an award at a local show. They were going to need to break it apart, and so he asked me to get some shots of it before it was dismantled.

The building was quite ingenious - a rotating base allowed the castle to be turned 360 degrees. This helped me a lot in getting photos of every angle.

And now we get into the detail shots!

 This dragon was hidden underneath one side of the castle - I love all the little details!
 And really, what castle would be complete with out a miniature hot dog vendor selling to Storm Troopers?