Sunday, July 13, 2014

Under the pier, before the storm

As Hurricane Arthur approached the Outer Banks on July 3, I really wanted to head over to the ocean and see how it was looking with the storm on the way. We still had clear blue skies overhead, so I didn't feel we were in much danger.

After seeing the news reporting from Avalon Pier (about 1.5 miles north of my parents' house, on the beach road), I wanted to head there and see if the fog coming off the ocean was as beautiful in person as it was on the news. Turns out, yes it was! Not only that, but the pier itself provided some very cool perspective for photographs.

I brought my new ND filters with me, to try for some smooth water, long exposure shots. However, I had forgotten my tripod, so had to hand-hold the camera for these. I knelt in the sand and tried to use myself as a tripod, but of course couldn't hold the camera completely still. Even so, I like how this shot came out, slight shake and all!
My daughter came down to the pier with me, and then scampered off to look for shells. That gave me the chance to snag these three beautiful shots of her, as if she were the only person on the beach.

I think this last one is my favorite.