Friday, May 3, 2013

WPP: 5 week wrap up

You may have noticed (or not, cause you don't care, but that's ok) that I haven't posted my Weekly Photo Project submission here in a while. That's because I didn't submit one for most of the past month; of the 5 weeks recently, I missed 3 of those due to how crazy our life became there for a while (trip to Paris, moving, work travel, unpacking, etc).

Here were the topics:
March 25-31: Something I See Everyday. My plan was to submit something I saw in Paris everyday (as that's the week we were there), but unfortunately that didn't happen
April 1-7: A Picture within a Picture. Here I had something, due to the vast amounts of art we saw in Paris. This is a ceiling in The Louvre.
April 8-14: Earthy. I couldn't come up with anything for this topic.
April 15-21: Shadows. I figured I probably have a cool photo somewhere with shadows in it, but didn't have the time to look around for one, or shoot something new.
April 22-28: Current Events. This was inspired by the Boston bombing, but didn't have to be negative - just something "event worthy" that you photographed for me. My event was giving a talk to undergraduate students at my alma mater; I took this photograph of the classroom while waiting.
That leads us to this week -
April 29-May 5: Signs of Spring. I took this photo at Monticello last week and knew that it HAD to be submitted.
Unfortunately, I am proving to not be very original - out of 9 photos submitted so far (ends Sunday), 5 are of tulips. They're all very different, but obviously a springtime favorite!