Saturday, May 18, 2013

Baby Geese!

Stratford pond (just behind our house) is home to a lot of wildlife, but the most obvious are the many geese that make a home here. In particular are a mated pair that we knew would be having babies at some point. Two weeks ago we finally spotted the babies, as the family came out of the water to eat not far from our backyard. As I didn't want to provoke the parents, or scare the babies, I used my 75-300mm telephoto lens to shoot these guys through the trees from our backyard.

Even with the distance, I believe I was spotted!
Then just a couple of days ago I was able to get outside with my camera again - the family looked so adorable swimming by together! Again, these were taken with my 75-300mm lens, but this time I was just outside of our backyard, on the path that runs along the pond.