Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekly Photo Project: February 2014

February was the first month where we had a full month of subjects for the Weekly Photo Project on Facebook, and I was glad that I was able to submit something for each week. Here's hoping I can keep that up! I really enjoyed the topics this week; they weren't things I would have chosen, so it made me need to get a little creative in my thinking.

Week 4: "Makes Me Happy." I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself! How could this not make you happy?!
Week 5: "In The Deep". I had a couple of ideas for this week's theme, which would have involved some set-up in the house, but when I took this photo of Henry in the snow I thought it was not only a good photo, but also appropriate for the topic. We received 18" of snow that week, so we were certainly "In The Deep"!
Week 6: "A Beatles Song". With the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arriving in the US, the project leader asked us to "... give your photograph a title and you may only use the title of a Beatles song to accompany your entry." 
I was editing photos from our trip to Paris in 2013, and came across this one. I had just heard "Baby You're a Rich Man" on the radio earlier that week, and this photo certainly went along with that title! 

Week 7: "Soft". While at a friend's house last weekend, I saw their beautifully soft area rug in their living room, and thought to incorporate it into the photo I would submit. I had my daughter lie down on it and really feel the softness. I took the photo with my iPhone and edited in Instagram. And what do you know - mine was chosen as the favorite photo for the week! 
""Well, as always, I'm struggling between a couple of photos for this week's winner...In the end, I'm going with the shot of Abbe's daughter. I thought it really spoke to the theme with the softness of the young girl's skin, hair, pose and those beautiful eyes. 
Congratulations, Abbe"
I was honored to be chosen! First win since we rebooted the project. I look forward to sharing my chosen topic in the summary for March!