Monday, March 17, 2014

Family photo shoot

Remember back at the end of 2013 when I posted all of those wedding photos? After the wedding, my brother- and sister-in-law, with their son, stayed with us for a few days before returning to Australia. For one night, my in-laws also joined us so that we could have some quality family time, as things were hectic during the wedding. While here, my sister in law asked if I would take some "official" portraits of them, and it turned into a photo shoot of the whole family, with a bunch of different combinations. We turned my living room into a portrait studio, and had some fun!

I started with my adorable nephew and his parents.


 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture my family.
 Then I shot the brothers with their children.
 Then I recruited my mother in law to take a photo of the four of us with our children.
 Grandma and Grandpa then got in on the photo action.

I then set the timer on my camera so I could grab a family photo of everyone (including the dog!)