Thursday, January 30, 2014

Self Portraits

This month, I participated in a 30 day photo challenge, which I had previously posted about so I won't go into tons of details again. As you can see on the description, the month starts and ends with a self-portrait, and has two self portraits (of a different type) in the middle of the month. I tried to do something different for each self portrait, and wanted to summarize the results here.

Self Portrait Day 1: This is the one I submitted to the challenge.

 However, I took quite a few and these are two others that I ended up liking as well.

Then the project ended today with another self-portrait. As I was traveling and only had my iPhone on me, I had to make do with it. I spent a lot of the day on an airplane, and decided to use the light coming in through the airplane window.

The mid-month self portrait was a faceless one, so that required a little bit of creativity. I decided to go a little bit sexier, and highlight my back and shoulders instead of face. Again, the first one is the one I submitted to the challenge 
 But I like these others as well, and wanted to show them to everyone. It was a lot of fun to do, and took a surprisingly little amount of time! It was fun to play with the lighting in the room, and position of the tripod/camera, and then to try different editing styles afterwards.

This photo challenge has been really great for opening my eyes to different things around me that I may have overlooked if I wasn't specifically needing to photograph them. And while I have done self portraits before, I hadn't ever set them up so formally before, or put so much thought into them. I love taking part in something like this, because it helps me to grow as a photographer.