Friday, January 10, 2014

Key West Wedding

Just before the end of 2013, I flew to Key West to be in the wedding of my good friend Amy. I've known her now for almost 17 years (that seems impossible!), and was honored to be a part of her day. Key West was lovely, she was beautiful, and the wedding was so much fun. Being IN the wedding, I couldn't take as many photos as I wanted, and because I couldn't carry around my DSLR all of these photos were taken with my iPhone, using the Camera+ app. But we know that any good photographer makes due with what she has, right?

Let me also start this post by saying that their wedding photographer, David Champagne, is amazing. Please check out his website and his facebook page - he does amazing work, and was such a wonderful guy. It was really great to see him work, and learn some from him! He's posted their first sneak peeks as well. I stayed out of his way, and felt fortunate to get a few shots of my own.

When we got to Amy's mom's house to get ready that morning, he had placed her dress in this door for photos. Could you have asked for a better location or light?!

After helping Amy into her dress, I grabbed a shot of her before the "zip up" shots (which were fun to help with!).
Then, I managed to sneak a few in the background while David took portraits of her.

I love how her dress rippled in the back!
Amy and Alex did their "first look" photos a few hours before the wedding. So, they saw each other for the first time privately, had photos taken, and then we did all of the wedding party photos at the site. I couldn't take any photos then, obviously, but was able to grab a few later as I escorted them around Key West. They had planned with David to go to 4 different sites to take photos together, and needed a driver - I was happy to oblige! Plus, I was able to sneak a few fun shots of them. I really love this one that I took from the front seat of the car.

We finished right on time and I drove us all back to the wedding site. David went to take some photos of the site, and I stayed with the bride and groom for a bit. They posed for this one in the car - LOVE IT! Very them :)
After the wedding (which was set against a spectacular sunset), I grabbed these two photos of the site. Doesn't everyone want this at their wedding? It all worked out so perfectly! Congrats, Alex & Amy!