Monday, September 9, 2013

Dogs deserve portraits too

My dog is incredibly difficult to photograph - not because she won't hold still (she's actually quite good at posing), but because of her color. So much shiny black fur is very hard to capture well! She's very patient when I take the camera out in front of her, and I'm very happy with some earlier shots that I took of her lying in the sun. Once a month we get her groomed, and last month she came home looking absolutely adorable. I already had my light kit out for another job, so I was able to convince her to pose for me on our couch while I practiced taking her photo. The black on brown was maybe not ideal, but I think I managed to get a decent separation of her from the background. 

She's got so much white on her muzzle in the black & white version below! Our girl is getting old.
This photo was one that I almost trashed, but I thought her tongue out was too funny, and showed some personality, so I kept it in!