Monday, September 30, 2013

NJ Grounds for Sculpture

In August, I took a trip to NJ and had time in my schedule to visit the New Jersey Grounds for Sculpture. I'd heard about this place from a fellow photographer I met on a Facebook group, and was excited to have a chance to go and shoot. Unfortunately, I did not have my DSLR with me, but good photography isn't about the gear, it's about the eye, right?

The first thing I encountered was this sculpture of American Gothic. It was about 2.5 times taller than life size
I don't honestly remember the stories or artists behind a lot of these sculptures; I mostly walked around taking photos of the ones that struck me the most. Enjoy!

This was a strange one. It was certainly...eye catching. It's supposed to be voodoo priestesses (sort of) with their boiling cauldron of skulls and other gross bits.
I was so excited to capture this moment. She had no idea I was there, and was so absorbed in the book that I snapped a couple of photos without her noticing.
  There's a restaurant on the water inside the Grounds, and the landscape there was just stunning.

I really liked this statue of a woman's head in the water. With the added mist, it was particularly beautiful.

Doesn't every woman want a red dress like this?!
This sculpture of the woman and child are based on a book, but I cannot for the life of me remember which book right now. With the poppies, the setting was beautiful.

I can't wait to get back there again!