Saturday, September 14, 2013

Political Event: Office Opening

**Disclaimer: This post is not an endorsement of any candidate, simply noting some photos I took at a local political event.

A friend of my husband is running for Delegate in the state of Virginia. We don't live in her district, so we can't vote for her, but he wanted to support her so we went to her office opening in Berryville over Labor Day weekend. She had asked if I would take some photos of the event; these are my favorites.

Her office is in the old Berryville Pharmacy building (the whole town is so quaint!).

 Here is my husband speaking to the candidate herself.
 Mary Daniel's mother was manning the volunteer table up front; such a sweet lady!
 I was able to have Mary sit down so I could take a couple of headshots of her.
 I allowed my daughter to take photos that day as well (using my point-and-shoot).
A photographer must inspect her work!
 What's a political event without some food? And wow, were those cupcakes delicious.
 One shot at the end of the entire group who came out to support her.