Thursday, June 6, 2013

WPP: Another win!

Ack! times two - the first because this will be my first post in June (I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything since last week!), and the second because I fell behind in my submissions to the Weekly Photo Project again. And good news in this one - I won one of these!

May 6-12: Creepy Critters
I am NOT a fan of photographing things that crawl around, so I submitted one that I took last year at the Butterfly Pavilion at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I love the details in it!

May 13-19: Looking Up
For this one, I absolutely had to submit one of my Eiffel Tower photos.
And what do you know...I won! I was honored to have my photo chosen as the favorite for that week. Then, it was my turn to chose the topic for the next week. Since I've been doing a lot lately with studio photography and artificial lighting (including my new lighting setup that I'll be discussing on here soon), I chose "Artificial Lighting" for the following week.

May 20-26: Artificial Light
Obviously I couldn't win (I can't pick my own photo!), but I still wanted to submit one of my favorites. I had taken this one of my sister that weekend while practicing with my new studio setup - those photos will be up here soon in another post.

May 27-June 2: American Flag
The one I chose as the winner that week was a beautiful white rose lit from above, on a black background. That winner chose "american flag" as the topic because of Memorial Day. I found this whimsical display at Michael's while there getting something framed, and thought that this would be a different take on the very serious (but beautiful!) photos submitted by others. It wasn't chosen as the winner (I had no expectation it would be), but I stand by it!
June 3-9 "Green"
Many of the photos already submitted are landscapes, as everything is just so GREEN right now! I've got a few that I could submit along that vein, but I thought I might try and take something different, specific to the challenge. Our green frog potholder was sitting out on the counter, so I pulled out the camera, my 50mm lens, and external flash and ended up with this fun shot!