Monday, June 10, 2013

My tiny dancer

Recently, my daughter had her first "big girl" ballet recital, which of course provided many opportunities to photograph her in her full dancing glory. I was able to take photographs of her on both her dress rehearsal and recital day; I wrote a big post about the dress rehearsal on my family blog. I had originally intended to do a separate post here of just portraits of my daughter, but ended up including the ones I would have posted here on the family blog. So, instead I'm doing a first and directing you to that blog for photos of her from the dress rehearsal.
My favorite of these from an artistic perspective is definitely the first one, which I am posting here again. I just love the feel of it!

What I had not yet posted are the portraits I took of her on the morning of the recital - here's my favorite
I loved the natural light coming through the window, but now I'm wishing I had put my reflector to her left to get that side of her face/body better lit. Each portrait session is a learning experience for next time, right?!