Friday, June 22, 2012

In the woods

On the first Saturday in June, I took the kids over to what we call the "dinosaur park" in Ashburn, VA. I think the real name is just Ashburn Park, but as all of the playground equipment is shaped like various dinosaurs, we like our name better. One of the coolest things about the park is that it's not just a playground - there's a very nice walking path that extends quite far through the woods, as we discovered that day!
We'd explored the path down to the two different creeks that are next to the playground (the path follows a bridge over each); another part of the path goes off into the woods and we had yet to really head down there. The weather was so nice that we were up for the exploration!
Note: I did not edit any of these photos beyond cropping a couple of them.  One of the reason I think I got such great shots was because the light was absolutely perfect - there was no need for editing!

Here's the larger of the two creeks, and the one the path primarily followed.
 I loved the way the tree arched over the stream!
This next one is probably my favorite of the batch. The reflection of the fallen tree in the creek was perfect.
 The kids actually stood on the right side of this tree when we reached that point in the path - I took this next shot from their perspective (I also briefly stood on the tree to take the photo).
 Further up the path, we encountered this beautiful gal. She let me get REALLY close before flitting away, but even then stayed nearby, letting me take some really nice photos of her and giving the kids an opportunity to see a wild butterfly up very close.