Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The weather here in VA (and I think around most of the East coast, if not the country as a whole) has been pretty all over the place this June - cold like March/April one day, burning hot the next. We've had some pretty big storms come through as well. One plus of this crazy weather is that the clouds have been absolutely breathtaking. What's even more impressive is that all of these photos except one were taken with my iPhone (Camera+ app). I guess that goes to show that you don't absolutely need a digital SLR to take a good photo - just a good eye and interesting subject!

This first one was taken along Route 28 north heading back to Leesburg on June 3. I love the sunset colors!

These next few were taken while driving back to Virginia from Morgantown WV about two weeks ago. While driving along the interstate I couldn't get enough of these huge cumulus(?) clouds over the mountains.

A couple of days later we took a walk after dinner over to our friends' house up the street. The kids were able to ride their bikes - it was a gorgeous night! I took this photo of the setting sun over the houses in the neighborhood.

Finally, while heading home from work last week, I came down a small hill on Battlefield Parkway and the road just opened up with these clouds overhead. I actually pulled over to the side so I could get this photo. It reminded me of the opening clouds in "The Simpsons" credits!