Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rising Stars Dance Recital 2015 | Dance Photographer

The second of three dance recitals last June was certainly the most adorable: the Rising Stars! These are all the kids ages 7 and under at the Loudoun School of Ballet. The have two recitals per year, winter and spring. I previously photographed the winter recital (in fact, that was how all of this dance photography started!), and was very excited to photograph them again. After photographing the older dancers, I realized how much easier the little ones are - they don't move around nearly as much, and there are far fewer dancers per class!

There were a total of 15 classes plus 2 Intern dances for the theme of "Cinderella". As I did in my previous post of the Ballet recital, I'll post my favorite photo from each class here.

Rising Stars Interns: Ballet opener
I love the way that these blue skirts twirl!

Rising Stars Interns: Closer

Baby Ballet
These are the only girls who get two photos, because I simply could not choose a favorite from all of the cuteness! So you get a closer shot, as well as one of the whole class

Ballet/Jazz Combo
Jazz performance
Ballet/Tap Combo
Ballet performance
Jazz/Tap Combo
Tap performance
Creative Pre-Ballet

Creative Dance
Musical Theater
Boys Move & Shake
Featuring my own little guy pointing to himself in the front row!
Jazzy Hip Hop
Pre-Ballet: Pumpkins
Pre-Ballet: Love
Ballet I: Maids
 Ballet I: Work Song
Ballet I: Horses
Ballet I: Wedding