Sunday, January 17, 2016

Contemporary Dance Recital 2015 | Dance Photographer

While this was the first recital I photographed during recital week in June 2015, it ended up being the last one that I posted here! I love photographing the beautiful ballerinas, and the adorable little ones, but for pure dance enjoyment, the Contemporary recital is definitely my favorite. I love the styles - modern, jazz, lyrical, tap - and the fact that the girls get to have a bit more freedom of expression and movement than you typically see with ballet. With that said, let's get to my favorite photo from each class!

Jazz I
Yes, they are Minions! With my little dancer second from the left, in the front.

Jazz II - Wonder Woman!

Jazz III

Jazz IV

Jazz V

Jazz VI
I had a really hard time choosing a favorite from Jazz VI, but ultimately went with this one!

Jazz VII


Jazz IX

Jazz X

Tap I-II


Tap V-VI


Loudoun Taps



Broadway Jazz

Beginning Lyrical

Intermediate Lyrical

Advanced Lyrical

Advanced Modern

Jazz & Co, Second Company

Jazz & Co, First Company