Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Little Miss E: 9 month portraits

It's very important that I get this little cutie's 9 month photos up here, as I just shot her 1 year photos last weekend! I've previously shot Miss E for her newborn photos, as well as at 6 months (we skipped 3 months because that's a very difficult age to get good photos of a baby). At the very beginning of May we scheduled (a bit after 9 months, to be true, but sometimes that's how schedules work), and I was very excited to have this shoot be a bit different than the previous two. First, we shot outside (the other two were indoor portraits), and second we shot at a brand new location that I had never used before, hidden away in Leesburg! I absolutely love this location, and can't wait to do another photo session here.

Look at those eyes! She's such a sweet, lovely girl. And with a family like this, who wouldn't be?
 With her being very much a Momma's Girl right now, it was easy to get these photos!

And even though she prefers mom to dad, I was so pleased to get her and Dad in this moment!

 We can't forget about big brother either...what a handsome guy he is, and such a good big brother. He was even great about posing for me!

Then time for more family moments...

 And one last shot of her happy, smiling face.