Thursday, July 30, 2015

Georgetown, Washington DC | Photography Lesson

As anyone with a craft/passion should do, it's important to periodically take classes to improve one's skills in that area. I really enjoy taking photography lessons, whether it be informally with fellow photographers, sharing tips, or in a class that I have paid for. While a lot of my lessons recently have focused on photographing people, which is really what I've focused on, I have taken other lessons in other areas. A while back, I took a class in Washington, DC where we walked through Georgetown at dusk. The class focused primarily on how to adjust things like white balance in camera, not in post editing, to get different "emotions" in the photos, as well as some tricks for evening/low light photography. It was definitely fun to work on adjusting the mood of the photo while shooting, instead of during editing as I usually do! For all of the comparison shots below, I did not do any editing in post; it was all done on camera.

In addition to the times shooting with different camera settings, we were also given free rein to take photos of things that interested us. Here are a few of my favorites.

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to bring a tripod with me, so some of the low light techniques were not fully put to use at the end of the class. However, I was able to use a sufficiently stable location to rest my camera to get a few photos.

I also took this self portrait below (left), and the person running the class sent me this photo afterwards. The photographer herself at work!