Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Victoria, BC | Travel Photographer

At the beginning of June I had the opportunity to go to Victoria, British Columbia for a conference for work. It's an absolutely beautiful town, and I had a wonderful time walking around photographing the beautiful buildings (these are my hotel and the capital building).

The city sits on the harbor, and is surrounded by's all so beautiful!

I took a walk down to the nearby beach (about 1.5 miles away). Despite the overcast day (or maybe because of the clouds), the views I was able to capture are so lovely to look at!

 On my walk back to the hotel, I found a small fisherman village that's also a tourist area. The village is basically a group of house boats, brightly painted, where some also serve as businesses.

 And finally, one last view of the government building.
There is more to the city, of course - a downtown walking area, restaurants, shops, museums, etc. But I think that these photos really capture the heart of the harbor part of downtown.