Thursday, May 21, 2015

Portland, Maine | Travel Photographer

My last post (lighthouse on Cape Cod) was a hit, so I thought I would follow that up with more photos from lovely New England. Last summer while in Maine for work, I had the chance to photograph two different locations: the area around Portland, and then the island of Bar Harbor. Both of these locations were two of the most beautiful that I've had the chance to visit for work. I will start here with Portland, where I had a few hours to kill while waiting for a colleague. I headed to the water front and enjoyed walking around the town (including eating some delicious food!).

I wanted to see if I could find something more to photograph without venturing too far away from town. Thanks to Google maps, I stumbled across the nearby Fort Williams Park, and it proved to be just what I was looking for! While there, I hiked around quite a bit, climbing on the rocks and exploring the lovely (if rocky) beach.
 From there, I could see a lighthouse off to one side, so I knew I'd be heading there after I was done exploring the rocks!
 Someone had stacked up these rocks; I love the shape of them!
 I then headed over to the lighthouse. The approach from the road was from slightly higher than the lighthouse itself, which provided this gorgeous vista before me.
I did not need to do anything to make these colors pop; I did have a polarizing filter on over my lens, but there was no post-processing with color. It really was this colorful!

 It's almost like something out of a movie!