Sunday, May 18, 2014

Professional Headshots

Recently I've been asked to take a number of head shots for different reasons. It's something that I've had a desire to get into, and it seems to be a case of "when it rains, it pours" as I hadn't done any in well over a year and then suddenly had an influx of requests!

I did a few for a friend to use on his website/promotional materials for drumming up business (he's a composer). Here's my favorite of the many shots I took.

Since I had my equipment out, my husband also asked me to take some for him for professional uses (LinkedIn, etc). Again, I got some great ones (not that I'm biased or anything); this is one of my favorites
I was also asked to take head shots of my coworkers for updating our internal database; I haven't quite finished everyone yet, but these are a few of my lovely coworkers.

If you need head shots, and like what you see, please contact me!