Tuesday, May 27, 2014

En Wageningen

In my previous post, I mentioned that two months ago I went to the Netherlands for work. After our two days in Brussels, we took the train up to Wageningen, NL where my company's home office is located. When I visited there in the fall of 2012, I posted photos of the beautiful forest outside of Wageningen, where our hotel was located, but none of the town itself. This time, we were given a couple of very nice tours of the town by a few of our Dutch colleagues, so I was able to capture and share photos of the beautiful location!

We spent time in the town center both during the day (on the left, during the mid-day market where we tried some local Dutch delicacies) and night (on the right, around sunset during our walking tour of town, which was punctuated by a number of beer stops!).

During our walking tour, we actually followed the canal around the entirety of the Wageningen city center. The views were stunning, and I could not have asked for better light!

I cannot remember exactly how old this tree is, but I feel like I was told about 100 years? That sounds about right. It was sprawling and beautiful, nestled in the dorms of the small university there.
I absolutely love the reflection in this last one. It's like something out of a storybook!