Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Foxfield 2014: Child Portraits

Prior to heading over to the Foxfield races this year, I grabbed a few portraits of all of the kids at our house. The lighting was difficult, due to fairly direct sun, but I found a patch of shade and did my best. The kids looked so beautiful all dressed up, I was glad to preserve it!


 Can't forget to capture the boys too!

Present at the event were two of our friends' babies, who we had yet to meet in person. I did a little impromptu photo shoot with each of them, as the girls were too adorable! Unfortunately, the little one on the left wasn't too happy about having her photo taken, but I did get a few shots of her; this one is my favorite. She was so cute in blue and orange!

The cutie on the right was a bit more cooperative (being younger I think she was more amenable to being set down on her own), and I posted an album of her photos on my Facebook page.

I also previously posted my favorite horse photos from the event, but didn't include this one that I captured when we crossed the racetrack.
As always, the races were a wonderful time - fun with friends, and a great source of photo opportunities!