Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pittsburgh in the snow

In February I spent a couple of days in Pittsburgh for work. I knew the city was going to be covered in snow, so I brought my camera with me in the hopes I might be able to grab some photos. I was lucky that my last appointment before heading home ended early, so I was able to grab my camera bag out of my car and wander about the main Pitt campus for a bit. With the setting sun, the light was absolutely stunning and I was able to capture some interesting play between light and shadow. And to play with backlighting, which is always fun.


I then drove just a short distance away to the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. I found this by happy accident earlier in the day as I drove to the Pitt campus from a different direction from normal, and I knew I wanted to get back there to take some photos. My footwear wasn't appropriate for too much hiking around in the snow, but by staying on the (mostly) shoveled sidewalks, I did grab a few shots, again enjoying the play of light and shadow, and the beautiful backlighting by the setting sun.