Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Photo Project: January 2014

The weekly photo project is back! I started in this group on Facebook well over a year ago, and have previously posted here under the tag "weekly project" some of the photos that I've submitted to the project...mostly those that were chosen as the week's winner, as I'm particularly proud of those. 

Due to technical difficulties with Facebook and their changing how groups are done, we temporarily suspended the project, which was disappointing but understandable. However, right around the start of 2014 we realized the solution to the technical difficulty, and the project was back under way two weeks into the new year. Very exciting! I do enjoy this group of photographers. Many of us did the 30 day challenge that I have posted about on here a few times, but it was a lot of work to keep up with daily photos, and we missed the weekly topic. Plus, it's fun to join in some friendly competition :) So, I was glad to have the project come back.

I've decided that for 2014 I'm going to do a monthly summary here of the photos that I submit each week of that month, along with the theme. So, here are my 3 for January.

Week 1: "Shadows"
The rising winter sun slanting through our backyard fence.
Week 2: "Winter".
This is a lone tree near our pond, highlighted by the rising sun on the ice-covered pond.

Week 3: "Say Something" (i.e. tell a story with your photo).
My husband and son building with great concentration.