Monday, February 3, 2014

6th birthday bash

 In mid-January I brought my daughter to the 6th birthday party for the daughter of an old friend of mine. My friend always makes an amazing cake, and this year was no exception at the tea party-themed birthday party!

 Prior to eating cake, the birthday girl was very excited to pretend to eat her teapot pinata, much to the hilarity of the other party guests!
 My friend requested that I get a photo of all of the party guests; one of the birthday girl's younger brothers didn't want to get in the photos, but I got the rest of them posing so nicely for me!
Events like this are so much fun to photograph, but they make me realize how difficult it can be too! I have great respect for people who do event photography, particularly when it involves a number of moving children in difficult lighting conditions. But even with that, it's just so much fun!