Friday, December 20, 2013

Two family photo shoots

In November I had the pleasure to do two separate family photo shoots - it made for a busy month! I put full sneak peeks of both families on Facebook, but wanted to show my favorite shots from each shoot here. Both shoots were at Morven Park, but ended up so different from each other! That's one of the things that I love most: finding a beautiful location and then personalizing it for each person/family.

First up, the Allen family! I met them through friends of mine, for whom I had previously taken photos of their baby girl. It's the highest of compliments to get referrals! On top of that, I've become friendly with this family now; it's always nice to expand my local circle of friends.

When they arrived, baby Zoe was still asleep, so we took the opportunity to do a few couples photos. The light was absolutely perfect, and I fell in love with this shot.
After she woke up, we headed into the park for shots in the sun. I had the best time working with the beautiful backlighting during this shoot!

Then, just a couple of weeks later, I was finally able to schedule with another local mom. Her youngest daughter and mine went to preschool together, and we'd been trying to schedule for a bit. But with 4 kids, her husband's schedule, and my travel schedule, we weren't able to get together until mid-November. Sadly, we didn't have the nice warm light that I had at the previous shoot, but we did have 4 fun kids and some lovely autumn foliage, which still led to some great shots!