Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Great Falls National Park

There are so many winter and holiday photos that I want to share here, and plan to, but I know if I don't get around to sharing some from this past summer/fall I will never get them up! So, before I dive into my snow photos from this week, here are some I took in August at Great Falls National Park. I'm sure it looks absolutely stunning now with the snow and ice, but it's also nice to remember how it looks in the warm sun!

The weather was beautiful - I went hiking there with two friends (who also wanted a photography adventure) and we spent a couple of hours just shooting the Falls from various angles and vantage points. I hope to be able to go back in all seasons to see how it changes over the year! I also hope to be able to hike some of the trails, as we really only stayed near the Falls/Potomac River.

 This photo was fun to take - I used my friend's wide angle lens. It's not something that would be used often in photography except in landscape situations like this...but I can definitely see the utility of having it in your bag!
 There were others around that day - plenty of other people hiking the trails, as well as kayakers and some rock climbers.

 I also had fun taking some "sneak" candid shots of my friends as they got their shots.

And captured a couple of the local creatures that we saw.