Monday, April 1, 2013

WPP: March 18-24

Two weeks ago the theme for our weekly project was "Vintage Cars". I'm not a car person, and I very rarely have the chance to see any that would be considered vintage, much less take a photo. However, that weekend I happened to take a low-light photography class in Georgetown (Washington, DC) and captured this vintage vehicle. No one said that vintage has to mean "mint condition", right?

One of the aspects of the class was to play with white balance to get different "moods" in the photo, particularly as the light is changing due to sunset. I used the tungsten light setting on my camera; when used outdoors, it creates this great moody blue tinge to the photo. I was very happy with how it came out, and can't wait to share my favorite photos from the class here!

For last week (March 25-31), I was out of town in Paris and missed the submission. The title was "Something I See Everyday", which would've been a lot of fun to add to, but being in Paris just wasn't in the cards. I most likely would've submitted a shot of my kids or dog!

Speaking of Paris, I ended the trip with over 1,500 photos to go through. I am hopeful to start on that this week, but we're moving over the next three days (my house is currently a mass of boxes, all to be loaded on the truck tomorrow), and I still have a boudoir shoot to finish editing and get to my client. It will all happen at some point, right?!