Saturday, March 23, 2013

And I'm off!

Tomorrow evening at this time, I will be on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean headed to Paris for a week. My husband and I had always talked about going to Paris (or possibly London & Paris) for our 10th anniversary, and somehow, despite many possible impediments, it's happening! Even better, we're going with two of our favorite people on earth, good friends of ours who are also celebrating their 10th anniversary this year (we got married within 3 weeks of each other; she and I were in each other's wedding).

I'm excited for so many things about this trip, but one of the most exciting things will be the photography opportunities! I can't wait to share photos here with everyone. I think I have all of my gear packed; most everything is in my new camera bag (from - I am in love with this bag! It doesn't even look like a camera bag from the outside, which is helpful as I've been told by so many people about the high risk of pick pockets/crime in Paris, so I'm glad to have something that would be difficult to steal (assuming I'm keeping it across my body, as planned).

 It also fits all of my gear: all lenses, camera body, external flash, batteries, camera manual, lens cleaner, and SD cards. Works for me!
 I've got my tripod in its carrying case in my suitcase, ready to be taken out for some night photography. Last thing to do is pack up the chargers and I think I'm ready to go!

Finally, I leave you with my (almost last minute) submission to the Weekly Photo Project. This week is "Vintage Cars". I haven't had much chance to photograph any vintage cars, but I did see this one on my photo excursion in Georgetown, DC last weekend and thought it made for a good submission. No one said the vintage car had to be in perfect shape, right?!
Hope to be able to post something here while in Paris, but I don't know what my internet situation will be yet. If not, more in a week when we're back!