Sunday, April 7, 2013

Paris: Notre Dame

Continuing from my previous post...
We made our way to Notre Dame, as it's one of the places Evan was very excited to see (again).

 This year is the 850 years since Notre Dame was built; this entryway was erected in honor of the anniversary.
 This stained glass window was inside of the entryway; I really liked the illumination on the wall opposite.
 We spent some time outside, taking photos of the facade. Every single statue/face on the front of the church is different (even if just slightly so)...there's just no way to capture them all!

As we entered Notre Dame, we heard a beautiful voice singing in Latin. We all assumed that it was piped in music, but it turns out that there was a service going on! Because of that, we couldn't go into all of the parts of the church we wanted to see (such as behind the altar, where you can walk at other times), and I was not able to use a flash. This made photographing the dark interior difficult; I used my 50mm lens to allow as much light in as possible, and I still was at about 1600 ISO. Despite the bit of grain this added, I am pleased and I think did the best I could!

Offering candles. Evan lit one for his grandmother.