Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WPP: Wrap-up to this week

Ok, these don't seem to be very popular posts, but I'm proud of these photos so I want to get them out for any fans to see. So, instead of continuing to do a separate post for each week as I catch up, here are my submissions from January 28- March 10.

January 28-February 3: "Your Favorite Song".
It didn't have to actually be your favorite song, just something that reminded you of a song. What I was hoping to set up didn't pan out, so I used an old photo from last June of my "Tiny Dancer".

February 4-10: "Animals - the 4 legged ones"
Although she no longer had 4 legs, I submitted this photo I took of the lovely Tasha just that week
February 11-17: "White". 
I had planned to submit a photo of my daughter the bride, as I really liked the contrast between the black and white, but unfortunately I missed the submission deadline so I had no entry that week.

February 18-24: "Skin"
For this, I obtained permission from one of my boudoir clients to use an absolutely stunning photo of her naked, on a black background, with golden light illuminating her from above. The photo was taken from the side, her hands covering her breasts, so you couldn't actually see anything, but she would prefer I not post it publicly here (the photo project is a closed group), so I can't show it here...you'll have to trust me on how stunning it was!

February 25-March 3: "Street Stories"
I had no photos for that week, and was prepared to again submit nothing. However, on March 3 we took the kids out to Harpers Ferry WV (those photos will be posted here soon), and I took this shot of the town, and liked it enough to submit it.
March 4-March 10: "New Life"
Again, I didn't think I would have anything to submit, until March 10 when the kids pointed out the new tulips coming up in our backyard, and provided me with this photo
I do have something for this week's topic, and will post that here when I decide which of the few options I have available that I will be submitting. Thank you for viewing, and I hope you liked my photos!