Sunday, March 10, 2013

WPP: January 7-13

The theme for Jan 7-13 was "At Your Feet". The point of the topic was to get everyone to stop looking out and away at eye level to take a photo, but instead take a look at what is down by our feet, which we often overlook. Just that week I took this photo of my son on the floor near my feet, so it seemed like a good one to submit.

When I saw the photo that did win, it absolutely blew me away and would have been the one I chose as winner as well. This photo was taken by Gail Metzinger, and it is stunning. I had to share it here. She did an amazing job!
Gail then chose "Doors" as her category for the week of January 14-20; I didn't have anything good to submit for that week, so we'll skip that week here and my next post will show my submission for the week of January 21-27.