Saturday, November 28, 2015

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot | Child Photographer

Kids love dressing up in their Halloween costumes, and it's so hard to get good photos of them during the excitement of Halloween night. So, what's a photographer to do? How about get the kids dressed up before Halloween and do a couple of photo shoots? Both were done just after my daughter's dance class (as her hair was already done!) - we just changed into costumes and headed outside!

This first set were taken just outside of our house, near the pond. My son was VERY excited to wear his full Darth Vader costume (and use the light saber as prop!), and my daughter was happy to model her newly purchased dance costume.

 As that wasn't her real Halloween costume this year, we headed out to one of my favorite photography locations in Leesburg for a more "official" photo shoot. The lighting was perfect, the kids were excellent could not have gone better!

Darth Vader will definitely try to use the force against you! 

While Belle will just dance and try to steal your heart.

What a perfect location!!

And, finally, my two gorgeous children together. Love doing shoots like this with them so much...and I am always happy to do a fun shoot like this for someone else's children (or family) as well!