Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Supermoon Eclipse 2015

Despite cloudy skies on Sunday night, I was able to sit on my back patio with my husband and watch the Supermoon/blood moon eclipse. We had a clear view of the moon before the eclipse started.

And then the eclipse began.

I tried to keep the moon in one place on my camera screen so that I could make a collage showing a progression of the moon during the eclipse. Due to movement higher in the sky, and the placement of my camera/tripod, I wasn't able to keep it fully in the same place but I came close. I really love the second one, as it shows the encroaching red of the eclipse so well! One advantage of the photos was that I could not see the red as well with the naked eye at first (in the top right photo, for example), but it showed up very nicely on my camera's screen, and of course on my computer.
And this was the first collage that I made so that I could post on the night of the eclipse.
I'm really glad that we took the ~90 minutes or so for the eclipse to reach peak to watch this stunning astronomical event. I wish we could have watched more (I was hoping to photograph the eclipse as it moved across the moon to the other side), but unfortunately clouds came in and obstructed our view. I certainly enjoyed what I was able to observe and capture!